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How Keith Drapeau's TikTok Tattoo Journey Became a Canvas for Mad Rabbit Products

Mad Rabbit Tattoo was founded in 2019 by two friends named Oliver and Selom. The duo was looking to reinvent the tattoo aftercare and skincare space after negative experiences with tattoo products in the market. With a goal of improving the tattoo healing process, Mad Rabbit Tattoo was created to offer customers clean, natural ingredients in a full cycle tattoo skincare routine from preventative to post aftercare.

Keith Drapeau

New to the NIL space, Mad Rabbit approached Limitless looking for an influencer that could help bring exposure to their new Numbing Cream & Soothing Gel product. Keith Drapeau, former Track & Field student-athlete at the University of Oklahoma, gained traction on TikTok for tattooing himself and Oklahoma teammates on TikTok Live. With a dedicated audience of 350k+ followers, Keith possessed the ideal platform to catapult Mad Rabbit into the spotlight. What made this partnership special was Keith's ability to seamlessly incorporate Mad Rabbit's new cream into his tattoo skincare regimen.


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Through a combination of paid and organic TikTok posts over a three-month period, Drapeau promoted Mad Rabbit’s Numbing Cream & Soothing Gel through an emphasis on tattoo healing, preserving ink quality, and keeping the skin healthy during the recovery process in an authentic way. 

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